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Logements de la Cagnardette

Good to Know


                Because of the media and tabloids
many people have a false preconceived idea of our beautiful region,
particularly the Golfe of St Tropez.

                No, Thank God!
The Cote D’Azur is not just unbearable heat,
traffic jams,
overcrowded with tourists waiting to be ripped off;
I, who was born here, can assure you.

                Come to “La cagnardette” off season,
and particularly during the winter season,
and you will discover the real side of our day-to-day life:

the deserted beaches, natural without the artificial accessoiries of the beach  establishments.
The quiet roads without fear of traffic jams
The typical villages filled with the welcoming and real provencal villagers, with their traditional fairs resplendent with local folklore and colours.


The “Pays des Maures” also offer you:

Mountains as far as the eye can see,
with it’s lush green oak and pine trees,
wild mimosa flowering in the heart of the winter
The wine producers with our famous “rose”,
and also a very good white and red wine.
The fragrant vegetation and animal life that will astound you



All this under a translucent blue sky,
never  polluted often covering large towns,
with warm temperatures under an agreeable sun.
(More than 3000 hours of sunshine per year).

For those who have no choice,
and can come only in the summer,
know that it is also possible to pass a calm,
agreeable and welcoming holiday
at the “la Cagnardette”.

We are here and at your disposition to help and advise you.

Looking Forward to seeing you soon.

                                                                                           Odile LAPORTE




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